Monday, 30 November 2015

RAM Week 46: Radio City slips to third spot in Mumbai; continued to lead in Bangalore

Big FM climbed to third position with 12.8 per cent of listenership pie, while rival Radio City slipped to fourth spot with 10.7 per cent shares. Red FM remained at fifth position with 9.4 per cent of total market shares.
Fever FM’s Evening Drive with RJ Nitin topped the chart, followed by DilliKe Do Dabang with RJ Manu and Abhilas hand Full on Punjabi with RJ Avinash.
With 19.2 per cent of listenership pie, Big FM maintained its lead. Fever FM climbed to second position with 16.4 per cent of total market shares; while Radio City slipped to third spot with 15.9 per cent shares.
Radio Mirchi remained at fourth spot with 12 per cent of listenership pie, followed by Red FM with 9.9 per cent shares.
Big FM’s Suhana Safar with Anu Kapoor and Big FM’s Breakfast Show with RJ Siddharth occupied the top spot in the list of top shows, followed by Fever FM’s Pal Do Pal with RJ Karan Singh.
Radio Mirchi led the chart once again with 19.4 per cent of total market shares, followed by Big FM and Fever FM with 15.3 per cent shares each.
Oye FM and Aamar FM occupied 9.7 per cent of listenership pie, each.
Radio Mirchi’s Kaali Kotha with RJ Jaganath and Radio Mirchi’s Breakfast show with RJ Mir, bagged the top two positions in the list, whereas Big FM’s Breakfast Show with RJ Khas occupied the third spot.
Radio City maintained its lead position with 22.8 per cent of total market shares. Big FM stood strong at second spot with 21.2 per cent of listenership pie, folowed by Radio Mirchi with 16.4 per cent shares.
Fever FM and Red FM stood at fourth and fifth position with 13.8 and 6.5 per cent of total market shares, respectively.

Radio City’s City Mathu with RJ Rachnaled the chart among the highest rated shows, followed by Big FM’s Big Coffee with RJ Shrutiand Radio Mirchi’s Hi Bengaluru with RJ Smitha.

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MIB calls entries for 5th National Community Radio Awards

MIB1Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) announced the 5th National Community Radio Awards.The Fifth National Community Radio Awards will be presented during the 5th National Sammelan which will be organized in the month of February or March 2015.
The National Community Radio Awards were instituted in the year 2012,to promote better programming on CRS, in five categories are as follow Thematic Award, Community Engagement Award, Promoting Local Culture Award, Most Creative/Innovative programme Content Award and Sustainability Model Award.
Each category will have First, Second and third prize ofRs. 50,000, Rs.30,000 and Rs.20, 000 respectively.The last date for receipt of entries is 31st December.
A Jury constituted by the Ministry will decide which stations deserve to be awarded. The decisions of the Jury will be final and binding and will not be reversed under any circumstances.

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Cricbuzz launches all new Cricket ka Keeda

According to Pratik Mazumder, VP & Head Marketing, Times Internet, with cricket in the air and India having a long season before the 2016 T20 World Cup, this is a great time to create a recall about the brand with a funny and laugh-inducing campaign that touches all cricket lovers.
The three TVCs has been conceptualised by From Here On, under the banner of Soda Films and directed by Shaaze Merchant.
“Cricket creates such passion among its followers that they get immersed in that world and forget everything else. We will keep bringing out newer commercials as the cricket season progresses, till the T20 World cup in 2016,” commented Mazumder.
The film showcases a man taking strolls slowly at the airport, with his bag as he’s doing something on his mobile. As the last call announcement is made, he speeds up and dives to reach the Check-in counter. Just as he does, the ‘Counter closed’ board is put up. The man contests this, saying his bag had crossed the crease (the line) before the lady put up the sign. The lady counters that the ‘Line belongs to the umpire’ and tells him that he’s out. The man signals for a third umpire as he looks to negotiate with the lady to allow him to take the flight.
Muh Dikhai – Fine Leg
This film is about the meeting between the prospective groom’s and bride’s families. The boy constantly keeps looking down, giving the girl’s father the impression that he’s shy. When he asks young man what’s the one thing he liked most about his daughter, he says ‘Fine leg’. While everyone looks around uncomfortably, he clarifies that he was referring to a catch being dropped at ‘Fine leg’, implying that he was following a cricket match on his phone.
Shopping Mall – Wide – Hit Wicket

The TVCs starts in a shopping mall. A lady walks out of a trial room and asks her partner about how she’s looking in a slim fit dress. The man, immersed on his mobile phone, says ‘Wide’. He then realises what he’s said and follows it with Ball to tell her that he was following a cricket match on the app. A salesman next to him pokes fun at the situation by saying Wide ball pe hit wicket. The film follows the same pattern as the others to introduce the app.

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MindShift Interactive wins the digital mandate for Zokudo

Speaking on the association, Yash Mehta, Founder & CEO, Zokudo, said, “Zokudo caters to a very niche target audience to meet their gifting requirements with sophistication. For the brand to be represented in the right light, we were adamant to choose an agency that had copious experience in the luxury space. MindShift Interactive brought a lot more to the table than just delivering a luxury experience, and with its richness in creativity with imaginative minds to boot; it seemed like the natural right choice.”
The mandate for MindShift Interactive is to manage the brand’s social media and media planning across all platforms. MindShift Interactive will work towards increasing awareness and instil an ease for the luxury experience seeker on social media.
Commenting on the win, Zafar Rais, CEO, MindShift Interactive, said, “Zokudo resolves the growing demand for gifting experiences for the time crunched consumer who enjoys luxury and lifestyle experiences. Our expertise on the luxury seeking consumer and the market will help us build a strong presence for Zokudo through platforms such as Facebook, Blogs and LinkedIn.”
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