Monday, 2 May 2016

Ad Pick of the Week: MakeMyTrip’s latest ad campaign attracts Mark DSouza

Marc1MakeMyTrip, on-going campaign featuring its new brandnew brand ambassadors Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt is catching attention across masses. The new brand campaign aims to drive consumers to shift from offline to online for hotel bookings. The characters in the campaign has been brought to life by Publicis Capital and directed by Amit Sharma.
Mark DSouza from Web Interactive Films, shares his thoughts about the ad campaign and also reveals to us why this ad film is in his favourite list.
Which ad film grabbed your attention in past few days and why?
Make my trip app with Ranveer Singh & Alia Bhatt. It’s light, humorous, entertaining and witty. The ads are  idiot proof and clearly feature benefits of the app and discounts and savings.
If given a chance, what changes would you like to make into it?
Maybe emphasise a little more on the subtleties; like gender specific, occupations and cliches and also add a little more emotion and drama. A specific feature or USP of the app could also be showcased. The ads are in good taste and they work really well as they are. I’d look forward to seeing more of them.
Did the advertisement make you want to buy the product?
Absolutely, I’d be interested to look for a 40 per cent discount on the app on my next travel.
Humour and Emotions, what works most in India?
I think both do; as Indian’s we’re quite filmy and emotional, drama is imperative and it connects with viewers.
What three things should keep in mind while making an ad?
Keep the main thing – the “main” thing. While making commercials talents are as important as the production and script, a good chemistry between talents carries the film forward. Try and not be pretentious. You don’t want to be in bad taste or insensitive towards your viewer’s feelings with satires on controversial – trending topics, that might get you eyeballs but destroy your brand.
Please give your last word for this ad and rate the ad out of 10.
I’d rate the ad an 8 out of 10. It’s refreshing, entertaining and non-offensive. This is the need of the hour in India where social tensions are high
Source: IndianMediaBook - Media