Monday, 2 May 2016

DCell develops Visual Identity for Raw Pressery juices

Commenting on the brief given to dCell, Anuj Rakyan, Founder and Managing Director, Raw Pressery said, “We wanted to create master brand architecture for the benefits and our new classic range of juices to create a consistent, effective visual identity. With the new classic range, we wanted to reach out to a larger health conscious segment that often ends up being short-changed by 100 per cent juice brands. We’re excited with the creative output provided by dCell and wish the product gains popularity with the consumers as well.”
From the bottle format, to the logo and the illustration style, to the tone of voice of the back of pack copy and the way the information is presented, everything works in tandem to deliver the brand message: Raw Pressery is truly All Good, No Bad.
Sharing the creative approach taken by the agency, Tasneem Ali, Executive Creative Director, dCell said, “As Raw Pressery has a loyal consumer base, we decided to build on what we felt had going for it. Retaining the original bold, simple, handcrafted logotype, we created a device holder to ensure the visibility of the logo on the various coloured juices. By linking the logo with the fruit graphic, we reinforced the brand promise to rely only on the fruit, and nothing else, to deliver on quality and taste. The free flowing illustration style is candid, uninhibited, honest, and true to the brand Raw.”
Cold-pressed juice brand Raw Pressery has been founded by entrepreneur Anuj Rakyan and is unique in the sense that its products are made from a combination of fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices and super foods without any heat or air thereby ensuring freshness for longer duration.
Source: IndianMediaBook - Media