Monday, 2 May 2016

Boost inspires to play a bigger game

Boost1GSK Consumer Healthcare’s health food drink brand Boost is undergoing a revamp this year with a completely new pack design, new consumer communication and new shopper communication. The revamp is in line with the brand’s core philosophy of continuing being the most loved brand by kids and alongside staying contemporary and trend setting within the category with its clutter-breaking packaging.
Commenting on the development, Prashant Pandey, Head of Marketing for Nutritional & Digestive Health, GSK Consumer Healthcare, said “Boost has always stood out from the rest of the category as it is the only brand that single-mindedly speaks directly to children and their aspirations. With this re-launch, our task is to convince them that Boost gives them more stamina day by day, improves their performance to the next level and helps them win against bigger challenges. We will continue playing on our strengths of delivering category leading energy science, brand love driven through sports heroes and communicating it effectively to our consumers, in newer and more innovative ways.”
The revamp would be supported with a new TV Commercial that is based on a strong, new insight right from the world of kids & showcases how Boost helps unleash the winner in the kid. The brand revamp continues to be rooted at the central objective of ‘Connecting with Kids’ & thus the new TV Commercial as well as the surround marketing plans that have been planned have been in line with this objective.
The new packaging
The central objective of the new packaging has been to continue the evolution towards being the most contemporary and edgy pack in the category. In addition to this, the packaging has been designed to clearly bring two key things for the shopper What goes into a cup of Boost and What you get out of it as a unique benefit.
The new TVC
A group of senior boys have ganged up against a smaller kid and are not letting him play with them. As the dejected kid starts walking back, a hand from behind stop him and ask if he would play with him. To the kid’s surprise, it is MS Dhoni himself who has asked him this.
The kid swigs his Boost and gets ready to bowl to Dhoni. While the kid is initially underestimated by everyone including Dhoni, but as he starts to bowl, ball after ball, he starts beating Dhoni. He eventually manages to rattle the stumps and that is when everyone recognizes that this kid, with the energy and confidence, from Boost is ready to now play at the next level.
The essence of the TVC is that Boost, which is enriched with proteins, energy rich cereals and nutrients, helps build your energy day by day to give 3 times more stamina that helps play at the next level. With this restage, the brand will activate surround campaigns for consumers on-ground, at the point of purchase and on digital platforms to help build connect at relevant touch-points.
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